Keywords = Turmeric
Therapeutic potency of curcumin on radiodermatitis: A systematic review

Volume 14, Issue 3, May and June 2024, Pages 297-304

Hossein Abdeahad; Nikoo Saeedi; Afsane Bahrami; Abdulridha Mohammed Al-Asady; Saeide Mansoori; Amir Avan; Majid Khazaei; Elnaz Ghorbani; Mikhail Ryzhikov; Seyed Mahdi Hassanian

Effects of curcumin supplementation on insomnia and daytime sleepiness in young women with premenstrual syndrome and dysmenorrhea: A randomized clinical trial

Volume 13, Issue 6, November and December 2023, Pages 585-596

Saman Seyedabadi; Zahra Sadat Hoseini; Gordon A. Ferns; Afsane Bahrami