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Avicenna Journal of Phytomedicine (AJP) is an international open access journal that publishes basic and clinical studies and reviews on medicinal plant. Research on the effects of standardized plant extracts and isolated natural products, and those including mechanistic studies are particularly welcome.

Current Issue: Volume 12, Issue 1, January and February 2022, Pages 1-100 

Short communication

1. Effect of Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia L.) syrup on olfactory dysfunction in COVID-19 infection: A pilot controlled clinical trial

Pages 1-7

Fataneh Hashem-Dabaghian; Sadegh Ali Azimi; Mohsen Bahrami; Seied-Amirhossein Latifi; Ayesheh Enayati; Marzieh Qaraaty

Review Article

3. The physiological and pharmacological effects of Ziziphoratenuior L.: A review study

Pages 16-29

Ali Zarei; Saeed Changizi-Ashtiyani; Behnam Masmouei; Fatemeh Rasekh; Mansour Sokhandani; Fridoon Jahangir

Original Research Article

4. Gastroprotective effect of Berberis vulgaris on ethanol-induced gastric mucosal injury: Histopathological evaluations

Pages 30-41

Marina Kapitonova; Sergey Gupalo; Renad Alyautdin; Ibrahim Abdel Aziz Ibrahim; Norita Salim; Azhar Ahmad; Saiful Bahri Talip; Tin Moe Nwe; Svetlana Morokhina

7. The effects of all trans retinoic acid, vitamin D3 and their combination on plasma levels of miRNA-125a-5p, miRNA-34a, and miRNA-126in an experimental model of diabetes

Pages 67-76

Mohammad Sharifzadeh; Aghil Esmaeili-Bandboni; Mohammad Reza Emami; Fatemeh Naeini; Meysam Zarezadeh; Mohammad Hassan Javanbakht