Keywords = Lippia citriodora
Number of Articles: 3
1. Comparing the effects of saffron, lippia, and saffron-lippia combination on anxiety among candidates for coronary angiography

Volume 11, Issue 5, September and October 2021, Pages 515-526

Kobra Soheilipur; Mohammad Reza Khazdair; Seyyed Ali Moezi; Gholamhossein Mahmoudirad

2. Anti-anxiety and hypnotic effects of ethanolic and aqueous extracts of Lippia citriodora leaves and verbascoside in mice

Volume 7, Issue 4, July and August 2017, Pages 353-365

Marjan Razavi; Naser Zargarani; Hossein Hosseinzadeh

3. Teratogenic effect of Lippia citriodora leaves aqueous extract in mice

Volume 6, Issue 2, March and April 2016, Pages 175-180

Zahra Oskouei Shirvan; Leila Etemad; Reza Zafari; Seyed Adel Moallem; Naser Vahdati-Mashhadian; Hossein Hosseinzadeh